Complimentary Consultations

Growth and Guidance Consultations

Even if your child does not need braces at their very first visit, Dr. Moore offers complimentary growth & guidance consultations every 6 months.

This allows us to routinely keep an eye on your child’s development & to start treatment at the best time for them individually.

Dr. Moore believes that every child deserves advice, follow up, and care. For this reason, all growth and guidance exams are complimentary. We will give open and honest advice that is purely from the perspective of ensuring our patients are well cared for.

We Start Treatment When It's Right for Your Child

Offering Complimentary Growth & Guidance Consultations

Consultations Every 6 Months Until Your Child Is Ready


At Share More Smiles, we are proud to cultivate personal relationships with our patients. Dr. Moore is the only orthodontist at our practice, which means all our patients receive consistent care from the same doctor throughout the duration of their treatment.


We work with families to make orthodontic treatment work with their individual financial situations. We offer flexible down payment options and no interest financing throughout the duration of treatment.

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